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Trade Adresses
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Trade Addresses

In order to make the job of contacting people easier for those in the textile wholesale trade, the Institute of German Textile Retail Traders offers support in the form of its extensive address data file. With about 35.000 addresses in the textile and leatherware retail sector, mailshots can be sent out in a quick and targeted manner. Therefore are different possibilities:


1. Individual address data file
Selections can be made according to:
• Type of company (e.g. specialist trader, department store, discount centers)
• Ranges/Types of article (e.g. women’s outer garments, menswear, underwear)
• Size of company (e.g. annual turnover of EUR 3 to 10 million)
• Postcode areas/counties
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2. Specialised addresses
for example, exclusive women’s outer garments and menswear shops, shoe shops
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3. Trade Handbook for the Textile Retail trade in Germany
All companies in the textile trade with an annual turnover of EUR 500.000 or more (approx. 5.745 companies), are to be found in the "Textile Retail Trade Handbook". The companies listed (from speciality shops through to department stores) cover about 85% of the total textile demand in Germany.
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4. Trade Handbook for the Textil Retail trade in Europe
Addresses are also available for other European countries - in a similar form to the "Trade Handbook Germany".
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Im BTE-Shop finden Sie zahlreiche Titel aus der Fachreihe „BTE-Praxiswissen Textil - Leder - Schuhe“ zu unterschiedlichen Themen, z.B.:

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Stefan Schneider

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Marketing Berater

marketing berater - das Fach- und Wirtschaftsmagazin für die Modebranche.
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